Harvard agrees that the Debt Snowball works best. 

I have personal experience showing that the Debt Snowball works. It provides the necessary simplicity and motivation to help people see their ability to pay off their debts in a much shorter span of time than they ever thought was possible, and Harvard now agrees. 

Although the article was kind of tough to read because of all the rediculous sharing options that kept clogging up the page, only about 2/3 of the screen could be used for reading the article, the rest was clutter encouraging me to share the article, it was still worth the read. The article gives ideas to help clean up your inbox from subscriptions that are probably clogging it up and causing you to shop, and thus waste your money. It also lays out the Debt Snowball plan with some basic spreadsheet undead. Nothing groundbreaking there. 

Still, if you have a few minutes to do an easy read that is well written and informative, take a look.